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Future-proof your organisation with AI Compliance

Holistic AI's pioneering Platform carves out a pathway for compliance with complex and evolving regulatory standards, safeguarding your organisation from financial penalties and reputational damage like EU AI Act, Digital Services act and NYC Bias Audit law.

Why Choose Us:

  • Rapid Implementation: We give you the tools to achieve full compliance swiftly.
  • Stay Informed: Our regular regulatory updates enable you to maintain ongoing compliance with evolving standards.
  • Tailored Solutions: We supply a customised plan to meet your organisation's unique needs.
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The HAI Platform

Accelerating the adoption and scaling of AI systems with trust and confidence

Globally, 35% of businesses uses AI, and the industry is set to grow by 20% annually. About 50% of IT professionals agree that governing, monitoring, and meeting compliance obligations on AI are fundamental for their wide deployment. The Holistic AI Platform is a scalable and structured solution that empowers your enterprise to minimise AI risks, adopt and scale AI with confidence, and enhance business performance.

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Full Platform Capabilities

Our comprehensive and modular AI GRC capabilities transform how AI is adopted and used. With a single dashboard for risk posture management, role-based reporting, and automated workflows, we have your organisation covered, so your team can create, operate, and innovate with AI.

AI Governance

A command centre suite for executive-level management of AI applications

Register AI usage and development

Set internal policies

Control your AI Inventory

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AI Risk Management

Standardising evaluation and reporting across your organisation

Risk assess usage

Mitigate risks

Keep risks under monitoring

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AI Compliance

Supporting businesses to fulfil evolving regulatory and standards requirements

Ensure that usage is lawful

Conformity assess with standards

Keep track of upcoming regulations

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Enterprise-wide AI Governance

Adopt and use AI across your organisation, with a unified automated workflow to ensure delivery is done in a safe, legal, and ethical manner.

Continuous global tracking of AI regulations

Using our platform ensures that your AI is up to date with the AI regulations in the regions your business operates.

Reduce risks and costs around your AI usage

Use the HAI Platform inventory analytics to rationalise costs and benchmark AI applications used by your organisation.

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Deployment options

HAI Platform has two deployment options, Hybrid and Fully Managed

Hybrid Cloud

Let the customer operate our solution in any cloud or on-premises IT environment

  • ​Latest features of HAI Platform
  • Unlimited Users
  • Complete control
  • Choice of cloud or on-prem environments
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Fully Managed Cloud

Provides the easiest way to get started and securely operate the HAI Platform Cloud

  • ​Latest features of HAI Platform
  • Unlimited Users
  • Virtually no infrastructure management
  • Dedicated single-tenant cloud environment
  • Highly available, with multi-layer security
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Trust starts with Transparency

  • Empowering humanity by enabling trusted AI
  • The importance of AI governance for enterprise
  • Be a beacon of trust in the turbulent sea of advancing AI technology