Senior Machine Learning Engineer

About the team

At Holistic AI - Engineering team, we embrace a culture of experimentation, improvement and learning. You will work in a collaborative, trusting and very challenging environment that encourages diversity of thought and creative solutions. You will take a great place in our team and you will work closely with our engineers that come from experienced companies like: Sky, Skyscanner, DeepMind and Goldman Sachs. You will work on our greenfield projects that have an impact on both: what we build and how we build it.

About the role

We are looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to work closely with our engineers and data scientists and help us to make the vision of the company a reality. In this role, you will be responsible for designing machine learning systems which involves assessing and organising data, executing tests and experiments. In general, you will monitor and optimise machine learning processes to help develop strong performing machine learning systems. As a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, you will be able to tackle real-world challenges from proof of concept through to working prototypes, providing both intellectual and practical challenges.

What you’ll do

  • Design, develop and research machine learning systems and models
  • Transform and convert data science prototypes
  • Search and select appropriate data sets before performing data collection and data modelling
  • Perform statistical analysis and use results to improve models
  • Build machine learning pipelines and model monitoring solutions
  • Enrich machine learning frameworks and libraries
  • Collaborate with engineering, research and product development
  • Deliver high-quality results, overcome challenges and focus on what it matters

What you’ll need

  • Proven experience with CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience running MLOps pipelines
  • Experience with machine learning using Python
  • Understand the modern ML architectures, platforms and backend systems
  • Understand and apply the best practices in machine learning, software engineer and/or production deployment of ML services
  • Mentality to commit early and often, metrics before models and shipping a high-quality production code
  • Ability and openness to learn, fail and apply learnings moving forward
  • Very good communication and collaboration skills
  • Be a team player and be able to set less experienced engineers up for success

What’s in it for you

        💸 Competitive salary

        🕘 Flexible working hours - We trust you to work on times that suit you and your team.

        🏡 Hybrid friendly - as long as you have a good internet connection and a private and quiet space that allows you to do your best work.

        📚 Regular knowledge sharing session with your squad.

             ○ Personal library -  books that you can read any time.

             ○ Training and capability in building opportunities.

        💰 We will automatically enrol you into our pension scheme.

        🍼 Maternity and paternity leave policy (if you have been with us for at least 26 weeks).

        🍻 Regular social activities in person or online - Attendance is 100 % optional; if you don’t fancy it, don’t stress about it! 

        🍱 Fully stocked pantries with snacks and drinks.

        ⚖️ Good work-life balance.

About Holistic AI 

We are the leading provider of AI Risk Management services, and our mission is to empower our clients to adopt and scale AI with confidence.

We spun out of University College London, with a core team made of PhDs in Computer Science. The company is formed by lifelong learners seeking to be the best in their work. Together as a team, we were able to pioneer the AI Risk Management field by having strong practical experience in auditing AI systems.

We have reviewed over 100+enterprise AI projects covering more than 20k different algorithms. We are trusted by Fortune 500 corporations, SMEs, governments and regulators.            

We are based in Soho Square (central London).

If this sounds like something that is exciting, we want to hear from you! To apply for this role, please send your CV to and one of our recruiters will get in touch with you!

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