AI Inventory and Risk Management for Unilever

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AI Inventory and Risk Management for Unilever


Holistic AI co-created the AI Inventory and Risk Management across its global footprint. Unilever uses AI in different core activities of the company, including marketing, supply chain, enhancing customer experience and product development. Given the increased adoption and deployment of these technologies, they needed a scalable and structured solution for AI governance.


Unilever is a multinational structured in a decentralised fashion, with brands and teams building solutions across the world. To keep track of the AI adoption and deployment that is done by internal teams and third parties is a monumental task, in addition to ensure that such deployments are done in a safe, legal, and ethical manner.


Holistic AI worked together with the Unilever team to meet their requisites around information tracking and brought its excellence in AI risk management. Holistic AI standardized Unilever adoption and deployment following the latest standards and best practices, with a special focus on the upcoming EU AI Act.


  • Unilever now has observability around the main technologies and costs around their AI deployment. They can connect teams and use their suppliers in a rational way.
  • Their governance team can now make updates to their policies, having these rapidly roll out to every part of their global footprint.
  • Unilever has their respective AI systems documentation in place, all in a manner that prepares them for the impending EU AI Act, saving an immense amount of compliance costs and hours.

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