Event Recap

UCL CDI Event series: part 1 - AI Transparency: Ensuring Accountability and Responsibility Recap

November 22, 2022

The first of the three-part event series in partnership with the UCL Centre for Digital Innovation took place on the 16th of November 2022. The event saw an expert panel discussion on AI transparency involving Holistic AI COO and Co-founder Emre Kazim and Charles Kerrigan of CMS UK and chaired by Graça Carvalho, director of UCL CDI.

Panel Discussion Summary

The discussion began on the importance of creating clarity around the terminology used in discussing AI systems, their implementation, and governance. A key part of this is defining the meaning of the event's main topic, what is “AI Transparency”.

The panel went on to define AI transparency in three orders, covering technical transparency, governance transparency, and transparency of outcome. Before looking at arguably the most important advantage of AI transparency in business, the building of trust with consumers.

The panellists agreed that consumers hold a misguided view of AI systems, partly influenced by entertainment media’s portrayal of AI systems gone rogue but also from several high-profile cases of damaging AI systems in business uses. By endorsing transparency in their AI systems, businesses can demonstrate a commitment to responsible AI and build trust with their customers and stakeholders.

The event series is a great opportunity for Holistic AI to share our expertise in responsible AI practices with the wider AI community and show the way for the continued adoption of AI systems to benefit society.

You can find details on the other events in the series and more here.

About Holistic AI

Holistic AI is an AI risk management company that aims to empower enterprises to adopt and scale AI confidently. The AI risk management software platform audits and assures AI systems' code, data, policies and processes. As a result, enterprises can maximise their AI's value, minimise reputational, legal and commercial risks, and accelerate innovation.

We have pioneered the field of AI risk management and have deep practical experience auditing AI systems, having reviewed over 100+ enterprise AI projects covering 20k+ different algorithms. Our clients and partners include Fortune 500 corporations, SMEs, governments and regulators.

About UCL Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI) powered by AWS

The Centre for Digital Innovation is a joint initiative between UCL and AWS to produce evidence-based, commercially sustainable technological innovations in Healthcare and Education.

The centre supports and accelerates UCL’s technology spinouts and its ecosystem of partners, users, and customers, to deliver digital innovation to solve global issues in healthcare and education.

Providing assistance in distributed infrastructure design, data stewardship and digital governance, fundamental components of a trustworthy digitally enabled ecosystem.

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