Easily align with the EU AI Act's requirements

Conduct a conformity assessment of your high-risk AI systems to quickly and easily align with the requirements of the EU AI Act

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements

Conduct conformity assessments of your high-risk AI systems ahead of the EU AI Act

Proactively align with regulation

Align your organization with the requirements of the EU AI Act to ensure readiness

Minimize risk

Reduce the chance of legal, financial, and reputational damage from non-compliance

Build trust

Demonstrate a commitment to responsible AI practices and prove that your AI tools are fair

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Complete your conformity assessment

Validate your high-risk AI systems against the AI Act's Conformity Assessment requirements

Catalog your AI systems

Create a detailed inventory of your AI systems across applications

Identify and mitigate risk

Conduct risk assessments of your AI systems and provide mitigation strategies to reduce residual risk

Assure conformity of technical documentation

Assess and assure the technical documentation of your high-risk AI systems in line with the legal requirements

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Get ahead of AI regulation

Begin aligning your organization with upcoming AI regulatory requirements now

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