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Be Prepared for the NYC Bias Audit Law with Holistic AI

Holistic AI’s end-to-end independent bias audit solution simplifies alignment with the terms of Local Law 144. Achieve compliance with the help of an industry-leading independent auditor.

Why work with us:

  • Speedy solution: Full audit within two weeks of receiving your data, carving out a pathway towards swift adherence to the law.
  • Up-to-date: We keep you informed of legislative changes to promote ongoing compliance.
  • Customised plans: As a compliance-orientated independent auditing company, we tailor a plan to meet your unique needs.

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Join the global companies already trusting Holistic AI for NYC Bias Audits

What our clients say

“Holistic AI helps us to check our AI fairness box with their audit and offer deeply technical services for a long-term partnership. Moreover, Holistic AI is able to fully evaluate our AI models and the results of the models without creating any security risks, all the while leveraging some third-party tools to ensure collaboration is done securely."

Dave Walters
Chief Technology Officer

“Holistic AI understands that bias auditing is a process that requires efficient project management, which they deliver at a high level. They have deep technical knowledge and can make complex concepts understandable. Holistic AI has given Wizehire a clear compliance path in a rapidly developing regulatory space. Furthermore, we feel more confident in providing our services to clients, and we are one step ahead as a leader in the small business hiring space."

Nick Carneiro
Chief Technology Officer

Are you ready for the NYC Bias Audit Law?

The Local Law 144 (NYC Bias Audit Law) was enacted by the NYC Council in November 2021. As of 5 July 2023, companies are prohibited from using automated tools to hire candidates or promote employees, unless the tools have been independently audited for bias. These regulations are likely to affect hundreds of organisations within the city and may include your own.

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We can help you prepare for the NYC Bias Audit Law

Ensure you’re compliant with the new NYC Bias Audit requirements with a fully independent and impartial audit from Holistic AI. Our solution is fully scalable, suitable for any size of organisation.

Prepare a bias audit report

We conduct an independent bias audit, in line with the NYC Bias Audit Law requirements, to examine whether your system is discriminating against any protected categories, such as gender, sex, ethnicity, or race.

Bias assessment per system, including, but not limited to:  

  • Disparate impact analysis on persons (e.g., candidates, employees)
  • Per component 1 protected categories (e.g., gender, ethnicity, race)

As per the NYC regulations, we will collate the results of the bias audit report into a comprehensive summary of findings. This summary will include the selection rates and impact ratios of protected categories, and it will be shared on your company website as required by the regulations. This will help ensure that your company is in compliance with the law and promoting transparency in the use of AEDTs.

Create a summary of results

Provide ongoing training and expert insights

Our team of experts comprises machine learning engineers, data scientists, business psychologists, and legal and policy specialists who can provide you with ongoing training and insights to prevent, detect, and mitigate AI bias issues as your system evolves. This proactive approach to bias mitigation ensures that your AEDTs remain unbiased and compliant with the latest laws and regulations.

In addition to conducting the bias audit and preparing the summary of findings, we can also help you communicate the results to your clients and stakeholders. Our team can translate the technical results of the audit into clear and concise insights that interested parties can easily understand. This will help your clients and stakeholders understand the impact of the audit in relation to their specific interests and ensure transparency in your use of AEDTs.

Support with client and stakeholder communication

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