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The NYC Bias Audit Mandate

The New York City Bias Audit Law (Local Law 144) was enacted by the NYC Council in November 2021.
From 1st January 2023, companies are prohibited from using automated tools to hire candidates or promote employees, unless the tools have been independently audited for bias. These regulations are likely to affect hundreds of organisations within the city and may include your own.

Independent bias audit for the NYC Bias Audit mandate.

Ensure you’re compliant with the new NYC bias audit requirements with a fully independent and impartial audit from Holistic AI. Our solution is fully scalable, suitable for any size of organisation.

Prepare a bias audit report

We conduct an independent bias audit, in line with the NYC bias audit law requirements, to examine whether your system is discriminating against any protected categories, such as gender, sex, ethnicity, or race.

Bias assessment per system, including, but not limited to:  

  • Disparate impact analysis on persons (e.g., candidates, employees)
  • Per component 1 protected categories (e.g., gender, ethnicity, race)

Our findings from the bias audit report are collated into a summary of results, including the selection rates and impact ratios of protected categories, to be shared on your company website, as required by the NYC regulations.

Create a summary of results

Provide ongoing training and expert insights

Our expert team of machine learning engineers, data scientists, business psychologists, and law and policy experts provide you with ongoing training and insight on preventing, detecting and mitigating AI bias issues as your system develops.

We can also assist in communicating the findings of the bias audit to your clients and stakeholders, translating the results into clear insights for interested parties to understand the impact of the audit in relation to their specific interests.

Support with client and stakeholder communication

FAQs about the NYC Bias Audit Mandate

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3. What are some examples of an automated employment decision tool?


4. What is a bias audit?


5. What documentation do employers have to provide?


6. What are the notification requirements of the legislation?


7. What are the penalties for non-compliance?


8. How can Holistic AI help?


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