To ensure that AI can be trusted to deliver on its transformative potential for society.

Our mission is to empower enterprises to adopt and scale AI with confidence

Adriano Koshiyama
Co-CEO & Co-founder
Emre Kazim
Co-CEO & Co-founder

Established at University College London by Emre Kazim and Adriano Koshiyama, Holistic AI's founding principle is the acute need to enable companies to build and scale responsible AI ensuring a future where AI technology seamlessly integrates with society.

The pair's interdisciplinary work, marrying Emre's PhD in philosophy and ethics with Adriano's PhD in machine learning and computations, enabled them to pioneer this vision.

As a global leader in the field of Responsible AI, Holistic AI empowers enterprises like the Fortune 500 corporations, SMEs, governments, and regulators with 360 solution for AI trust, risk, security, and compliance that empowers companies to adopt AI at scale safely helping them to innovate with confidence.

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Our Values

Customer Focus

Strive to deliver practical value propositions so our customers can make decisions confidently

Innovate & Iterate

Drive to stay at the forefront of technologies that define enterprises and how people operate


Share ideas in a positive environment for the exchange of thoughts and challenging one another

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Belief to solve problems and deliver best in class solutions executable practically at scale


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