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Our Story

Holistic AI's journey started when Adriano Koshiyama and Emre Kazim met at University College London (UCL)

Both founders have solid academic backgrounds. Adriano's PhD is in computer science, with a focus on computational finance and machine learning. While Emre's PhD is in Philosophy, where he specialised in ethics.

Through their experimental and interdisciplinary work, the pair soon realised the acute need to operationalise responsible AI and so decided to turn their vision into a company for maximum impact.

As global leaders in AI Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance, Holistic AI is on a mission to empower enterprises to adopt and scale AI with confidence.

Our vision

To ensure that AI can be trusted to deliver on its transformative potential for society.

Why us

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  • Pioneered the field of AI Risk Management and advise governments globally.
  • World-first AI auditors with deep practical experience.
  • Clients and partners include Fortune 500 corporations, SMEs, governments and regulators

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Our partners

Centre for Data Ethics and InnovationOECDThe Alan Turing InstituteUKRI Innovate UKAMS

Manage risks. Embrace AI.

Our AI Governance, Risk and Compliance platform empowers your enterprise to confidently embrace AI

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