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AI Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Holistic AI empowers enterprises to adopt and scale AI with confidence

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The HAI Platform

Our unique platform offers a cost-effective and scalable solution to manage your AI assets

  • Map your systems with a comprehensive AI Inventory
  • Standardize risk-management methods across the enterprise
  • Prepare safe, legal and ethical deployment of AI
  • Future-proof your system to be Regulatory-ready
  • Protect your data assets and govern their usage
  • Improve procurement and onboarding of AI suppliers

AI Risk Management

Enterprise-grade management of your AI assets' risks, ensuring adoption is done in a safe, legal, and ethical manner

  • Protect from reputational and financial damage
  • Assess your systems efficacy and robustness levels
  • Get compliant by-design to ever-coming regulations and standards
  • Improve systems Transparency, and Mitigate eventual Bias risks

AI Auditing

Assurance and Assistance. De-risking and demonstrating best standards on your AI assets through 3rd-party conformity review

  • Governance and Technical Audit
  • Provide ongoing Assurance and Assistance post-Audit
  • Leading cross-sector reach and expertise
  • Future-proof your system to be Regulatory-ready
  • Protect your data assets and govern their usage
  • Improve procurement and onboarding of AI suppliers

Ensure compliance, avoid penalties

Dodge financial and reputational damage — navigate AI's relentlessly-evolving landscape with Holistic AI's pioneering solutions.

Hear what our clients say

See our testimonials and what our clients have to say about their experience with us.

“Holistic AI understands that bias auditing is a process that requires efficient project management, which they deliver at a high level. They have deep technical knowledge and can make complex concepts understandable. Holistic AI has given Wizehire a clear compliance path in a rapidly developing regulatory space. Furthermore, we feel more confident in providing our services to clients, and we are one step ahead as a leader in the small business hiring space."

Nick Carneiro

Nick Carneiro

Chief Technology Officer

“We provide AI services to highly regulated markets that care about robustness, resilience and the avoidance of bias in their systems or software. Holistic AI has credibility when thinking about AI risks, and their reputation gave us confidence in conducting the AI audit. The results improved trust and confidence in the results of our product. We feel that being audited is best practice as an AI company, and that's why we continue to work with Holistic AI.”

Rachel Kirkham

Rachel Kirkham

Vice President, AI and Product

“Holistic AI helps us to check our AI fairness box with their audit and offer deeply technical services for a long-term partnership. Moreover, Holistic AI is able to fully evaluate our AI models and the results of the models without creating any security risks, all the while leveraging some third-party tools to ensure collaboration is done securely."

Dave Walters

Dave Walters

Chief Technology Officer

“We aspire to support our clients on their journeys to employ the most compliant and fair methods for making decisions about their leaders. Accordingly, we find it critical to mitigate the risk in algorithmic decision-making processes. We are committed to ensuring and demonstrating that systems and decisions are made with openness and transparency at the forefront of thinking. Holistic AI is our partner in realizing these goals and in ensuring we are accountable and acting with maximal awareness."

Stephan Ledain

Stephan Ledain

Director, Product Development & Innovation
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Manage risks. Embrace AI.

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