ISO/IEC 42001

Simplify ISO/IEC 42001 Governance Standard Certification with Our AI Solutions

Streamline your path to ISO/IEC 42001 certification with our comprehensive AI governance solution. The Holistic AI Governance platform will  support  you to scale AI projects while navigating regulatory requirements effortlessly, ensuring responsible AI practices across the enterprise and building trust in your AI systems.

What is ISO 42001 - AI Governance Standard?

The ISO/IEC 42001:2023 management system standard provides a framework for responsible AI management, addressing ethics, data privacy, and security. It ensures transparent and accountable AI practices and can be certified through third-party audits. ISO/IEC 42001 certification allows organizations to validate and showcase the trustworthiness of their AI systems. This certification is pivotal for:

Get ISO 42001 Certified: Simplify Your Compliance Journey with Holistic AI

Align your AI systems with ISO/IEC 42001 and ensure responsible AIpractices.

Ensure Compliance Readiness

Establish an Effective Risk Management Framework

  • Develop a comprehensive risk management framework tailored to your organization.
  • Conduct thorough technical audits of multiple risk verticals, including bias, efficacy, and other relevant factors, to ensure fairness, and overall system performance.

Catalog AI Systems

Gain Visibility into Your Entire AI Inventory

  • Utilize our centralized repository to catalog and manage your entire AI inventory.
  • Gain complete visibility into all AI systems, including purpose, datasources, and performance metrics.

Identify Risks

Classify Inherent Risks Associated with Your AI Systems

  • Identify and classify the inherent risks associated with your AI systems using our proprietary assessment tools.
  • Categorize risks based on data privacy, algorithmic bias, and potential harm.

Mitigation Strategies

Implement Customized Plans to Reduce Risks

  • Receive tailored mitigation strategies for each AI system.
  • Collaborate with our experts to develop and implement targeted risk reduction plans.
By leveraging our AI Governance solution, your organization can efficiently prepare for and achieve ISO/IEC 42001 certification, demonstrating a robust commitment to responsible AI governance.
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Frequently Asked Questions about ISO 42001 Compliance

Who needs to comply with ISO 42001?

ISO/IEC 42001 applies to any organization involved in developing, providing, or using AI-based products or services, across all industries.

What are the core requirements of ISO 42001?

Key requirements include establishing an AI management system, ensuring ethical AI use, maintaining transparency and accountability, and implementing robust risk management processes.

What are the benefits of ISO 42001 certification?

Benefits include building trust, gaining a competitive advantage, supporting strategic decision-making, and promoting sustainable AI practices.

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Get Your AI Systems ISO 42001 Certified with Holistic AI

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