Shield against generative AI risk

Harness the power of LLMs without security or efficacy concerns

Harness the power of generative AI safely

Safeguard your enterprise’s generative AI use and discover new avenues for productivity

Maximize productivity

Confidently implement generative AI into your operations to augment your team’s capabilities

Secure your data

Automatically censor sensitive data from being submitted in generative AI prompts

Confidently deploy LLMs

Shield against bias, toxicity, and hallucinations occurring in LLM applications

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Build generative AI with confidence

Ensure technical and ethical robustness in your generative AI usage with our all-in-one solution

Govern your generative AI

Enterprise-wide oversight of LLM projects

Register LLM usage/development
Control your AI inventory
Set internal policies

Comprehensive auditing

Identify and mitigate risks from your generative AI applications

Detect vulnerabilities
Mitigate risk with actionable strategies
Achieve safer and faster deployment

Establish ongoing monitoring

Continuously monitor generative AI applications as you continue to expand your inventory and develop new capabilities

Prevent data breaches
Minimize hallucinations and toxicity
Detect malicious prompts
Govern, audit and monitor Large Language Models for safer and faster deployment
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LLM insights

Unlock the potential of LLMs

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