Holistic AI Tools Accepted into the OECDs Catalogue of AI Tools and Metrics

March 30, 2023
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Holistic AI Tools Accepted into the OECDs Catalogue of AI Tools and Metrics

We’re pleased to announce that the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently accepted several of our tools to their catalogue of AI tools and metrics. The catalogue is intended to make it easier to find tools and metrics by providing a one-stop-shop for helpful approaches, mechanisms and practices for trustworthy AI.

The approved tools include:

  1. Holistic AI Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform: A scalable and systematic solution empowering enterprise to adopt and scale AI with confidence and enhance business performance.
  1. Holistic AI Bias Audits: A fully independent and impartial audit to ensure compliance with the bias audit requirements for New York City Local Law 144 and upcoming regulations.
  1. Holistic AI Audits: A bespoke AI risk audit solution tailor-made to identify your enterprise project’s AI risks, comprising deep technical, quantitative analysis.
  1. Holistic AI risk mitigation roadmaps: A set of guides to help enterprises mitigate some of the most common AI risks, presenting step-by-step solutions to protect against technical risks.
  1. Holistic AI Open-Source Library: The Holistic AI library is an open-source tool to assess and improve the trustworthiness of AI systems. The library offers a set of techniques to easily measure and mitigate Bias across a variety of tasks.

The OECD's acceptance of these tools highlights the growing importance of trustworthy and responsible AI practices in the global community. As AI technology continues to advance and permeate various industries, the need for responsible deployment becomes more crucial.

At Holistic AI, we have audited over 100 projects and combine our expertise in policy, computer science, business psychology, and AI ethics to holistically understand a system and the context it is used in, examine the inputs and outputs of the system, and impartially audit a system using our auditing framework. To find out how we can help you, get in touch at we@holisticai.com.

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