DIY AI Governance: A Starting Guide

A downloadable guide giving an overview of the key aspects of AI GRC, one of the key points is to promote the HAI platform as the solution to the challenges of AI GRC throughout the guide.
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AI Governance is a set of rules, policies and procedures that provide a structure for the safe, effective, and responsible deployment of AI systems.

In this paper, we explain how to get started with AI Governance in three steps:

  1. Setting up a working group
  2. Building up a register of AI use cases
  3. Performing an initial risk assessment for work prioritisation

As the adoption of AI has accelerated, so too has the democratisation of the technology, with AI used not only in IT/Core functions but also in areas such as marketing, HR, and finance.

But this proliferation has seen a litany of new hazards emerge for organisations that use AI in their business.

AI Governance is fundamental to mitigating these risks. Download our paper to access a blueprint for implementing this strategy in your organisation.

DIY AI Governance: A Starting Guide

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