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AI Regulation Around the World: Exploring the Global AI Landscape

Thursday, 31 August 2023 – 09:00 am ET
11:30 ET / 4:30pm BST
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Thanks to all who joined us last Thursday, 31 August for the latest edition of our Policy Hour webinar series, AI Regulation Around the World: Exploring the Global AI Landscape.

It was great to engage with so many of you in the Q&A session and share our understanding of emerging AI regulations across the globe, including Canda, the US, Brazil, the UK, Europe, India and China.

Holistic AI Senior Policy Expert Monica Lopez took a high-level view of the current AI regulatory landscape during the event, giving a country-by-country overview and delivering a comparative analysis of key trends and emerging legislation from around the world.

Monica was joined by AI Now Institute Research Fellow Jai Vipra, who lent her expertise on the AI regulatory landscape in India.

Expect a similar level of insight at our next webinar, Navigating Responsible Governance in Generative AI, on Thursday, 28 September at 3:00pm BST. Reserve your place now for what promises to be another fascinating event.

If you couldn’t make it on Thursday or want to revisit the topics we covered, you can also access both the slides and recording from the event below.

AI Regulation Around the World: Exploring the Global AI Landscape event - PPT

Holistic AI: Streamlining global compliance

As our webinar illustrated, AI legislation is developing at pace across the globe.

Policymakers are scrambling to ensure that the technology’s rapid rise is accompanied with appropriate safeguards. Significantly, that means organisations using AI in their business must now adapt or face financial, legal, and reputational penalties.

Holistic AI are global experts in AI governance, risk and compliance. Schedule a call to learn how we can help your organisation streamline its compliance strategy.

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