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Holistic AI Awarded Innovate UK’s Smart Grant

January 16, 2023
Holistic AI Awarded Innovate UK’s Smart Grant

We’re pleased to announce that Holistic AI has been awarded Innovate UK’s Smart Grant for the development of an SME-focussed evaluation tool to enable companies to access our Enterprise-grade AI assurance system. Enabling SME's to adopt AI with confidence, minimise risk, and be compliant with upcoming regulations, such as the EU AI Act, likely to come into force this year.

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, is investing up to £25 million in the best game-changing and world-leading ideas, designed for swift, successful commercialisation. Ideas need to be genuinely new and novel, not just disruptive within their sector.

This is a highly competitive grant to be awarded and a fantastic start to 2023 for Holistic AI, stay tuned for more exciting developments.

About Holistic AI

Holistic AI is an AI risk management company that aims to empower enterprises to adopt and scale AI confidently. The AI risk management software platform audits and assures AI systems' code, data, policies and processes. As a result, enterprises can maximise their AI's value, minimise reputational, legal and commercial risks, and accelerate innovation.

We have pioneered the field of AI risk management and have deep practical experience auditing AI systems, having reviewed over 100+ enterprise AI projects covering 20k+ different algorithms. Our clients and partners include Fortune 500 corporations, SMEs, governments and regulators.

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