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The Holistic AI team co-author article on the state of global AI governance

September 27, 2022
The Holistic AI team co-author article on the state of global AI governance

London – September 27, 2022, an article written by the Holistic AI team and Stephan Ledain, of RHR International, was recently featured on OECD AI’s blog, “Is it enough to audit recruitment algorithms for bias?”

The article gives an overview of the current state of AI governance legislation globally, including the recent UK National AI strategy proposed by the British government, an update on the progress of the proposed EU AI, the Canadian Artificial Intelligence and Data Act, the Illinois AI Video Interview Act, and an overview of California’s proposed legislation.

As well as taking a more in-depth look at the New York City bias audit law, arguably the most progressed piece of AI legislation currently, which comes into effect on 15th April 2023. We have also extensively covered what this legislation entails in our own blogs, and even proposed a framework for how such bias audits should be conducted.

The article goes further, proposing three more verticals that should be audited in addition to bias, these are:

  • Transparency, ensuring AI system's decision-making process is clear and explainable.
  • Safety or robustness, measuring a model’s accuracy when applied to unseen data.
  • Privacy, measuring the risk of systems leaking the, often sensitive, data required for them to operate effectively.

You can read the full article on OECD AI’s blog here.

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