Event Recap

Responsible People Analytics Event Recap

December 15, 2022

Last Thursday, December 8th, saw our event on Responsible People Analytics take place at IDEALondon. We were pleased to welcome so many attendees to the event, and want to again thank our insightful panelists, Abby Gilbert of The Institute for the Future of Work, and Frida Alim from the law firm, Gunderson Dettmer, for sharing their expertise with us.

The discussion was focused on the regulatory landscape around the use of people analytics in HR, looking at the advantages of automation in HR to organisations; current and proposed AI legislation, covering New York City’s Bias Audit Legislation, the EU AI Act, and California’s Employment Legislation; before exploring what companies need to do to prepare for such regulations.

We would like to thank all those who attended both online and in person and hope you found the discussion informative and beneficial. For those who were unable to attend but are interested in the topics covered, you can find the full recording of the event below.

Stay tuned for future events to be announced in 2023.

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