Webinar: NYC Bias Audit Law
NYC Bias Audit

Webinar: NYC Bias Audit Law

October 13, 2022

The NYC Bias Audit Law (Local Law144) takes effect on 15th April, 2023.

This ground-breaking law mandates bias audits of automated employment decision tools used by employers and employment agencies in New York City.

Check out our webinar to learn everything you need to know about this law and how to be compliant.

This webinar features expert insight and analysis from Emre Kazim (Co-Founder &COO, Holistic AI), Stephan Ledain (Director ofProduct Development & Innovation, RHR International), and Oliver Patel (Director ofPublic Policy & Communications, Holistic AI).

Watch to learn about how AI and automation is used in HR decision-making, what the risks of this are, and how RHR International are working with Holistic AI to stay ahead of the curve!

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