Holistic AI and Bryq Join Forces for “NYC Bias Audit” Assessment

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Holistic AI and Bryq Join Forces for “NYC Bias Audit” Assessment


Bryq engaged Holistic AI outlining their need for an esteemed auditor to help ensure compliance provide an independent assessment in line with New York City Local Law 144.  

The Law, which took effect on 5 July 2023, requires organisations to have their automated systems independently audited for bias.

Bryq sought to enable their customers who may be impacted by the legislation, and in doing so, give themselves a competitive advantage and allow their customers to stay ahead of the curve in terms of ever-changing bias audit regulations.


Bryq provide AI-powered pre-employment assessments and screening tools to assist organisations in evaluating job applicants and making more effective hiring decisions.

In enlisting Holistic AI, Bryq’s priorities were obtaining an audit in line with Local Law 144 and reinforcing the company’s commitment to inclusivity.

Bryq needed an independent auditor with credibility and flexibility who could provide a comprehensive service, thereby enhancing their reputation, trust and stakeholder engagement.


Holistic AI’s robust methodology encompassing data analysis, algorithm assessment, and thorough evaluation of potential biases provided Bryq with a solution specific to their needs.

Holistic AI transparently and comprehensively reported their findings throughout the process. This involved clear communication of identified biases, possible risks, and clear recommendations to address them.

Throughout the process, Bryq received regular check-ins from Holistic AI, who provided ongoing monitoring and open source resources to enhance the efficacy of their AI systems.

The NYC bias auditing process positively impacted Bryq’s go-to-market strategy by enhancing their reputation, providing a competitive advantage and aligning them with market needs as well as instilling customer confidence and facilitating market expansion.


  • Bryq obtained an Audit report, Summary of Results, and supplementary materials for best practice relating to Local Law 144.
  • Bryq continues to receive updates on legislative changes and guidance around AI best practices as part of the Ongoing Assurance stage of the Audit process.

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