Getting Hired “NYC Bias Audit” Ready

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Getting Hired “NYC Bias Audit” Ready


Holistic AI conducted a Bias Audit for Hired to demonstrate compliance ahead of NYC Local Law 144 (“NYC Bias Audit” legislation), which will come into effect on 1st January 2023. (Update: Local Law 144 has now been pushed back to 5 July 2023). As an early mover, Hired partnered with Holistic AI to demonstrate their commitment to candidates and recruiters who use their platform and that they have robust and sound internal processes. The Audit report is vital to keep their operations running in such an important talent management and sourcing hub.


Hired is a job-search marketplace that works with over 10,000 companies around the world to match thousands of active and qualified candidates to employ their full potential. Auditing Hired’s systems to approve applications to join the platform and rank candidates on their suitability for positions, is a hard challenge given the technological sophistication and scale of the systems. Ensuring compliance in such a scenario is a task that requires a technological solution beyond the typical consultancy, as well as holistic knowledge of the context in which the system is used in.


Holistic AI provided a scalable and cost-effective Bias Audit solution to fulfil the requirements of Local Law 144. Working with the Hired team to audit their platform, our audit focused on identifying Adverse Impact and Transparency risks. As part of the Audit, we conducted training with respect to the legislation, assessed their internal processes and provided recommendations for how to strengthen their internal procedures and protect against any future risks.


  • Hired has an Audit report, Summary of Results, and additional materials to ensure compliance with the “NYC Bias Audit” legislation.
  • Hired is under the Ongoing Assurance stage of Holistic AI, where we provide continuous education of any updates to the legislation and carry out additional audits following any major updates to the system, in addition to the annual bias audits as required by the legislation.

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